When booking flights to Echo Lake we suggest you use NorthWest Airlines.  Not all airlines will allow horns to travel with you.



We are located in North Eastern Saskatchewan.  Approximately halfway between Melfort and Yorkton you will find us, located in some of the most scenic terrain Saskatchewan has to offer.

MapQuest driving directions from Saskatoon Airport to Archerwill:

  1. Start out going Southwest on Wayne Hicks Lane toward Airport Drive (less than 0.1 miles).

  2. Turn left onto Airport Drive (1.0 miles).

  3. Turn left onto Circle Drive East (4.6 miles).

  4. Turn left onto College Drive (Highway 5 East).  Continue to follow Highway 5 East (36.3 miles).

  5. Turn left (north) onto Highway 2 (3.4 miles).  This is a "T" intersection.  Highway 2 and 5 merge for a short while.

  6. Turn right (east) onto Highway 5 (53.3 miles) heading toward Humboldt.  Pass straight through Humboldt, heading to Watson.

  7. At Watson, turn left (north) onto Highway 6 (20.2 miles) heading towards Naicam.

  8. At Naicam, turn right onto Highway 349 (20.1 miles) heading towards Archerwill.

  9. At the end of Highway 349, turn right onto Highway 35 (7.8 miles), again heading towards Archerwill.

  10. Stay on Highway 35 until you reach Echo Lake.  Watch for a large sign on the left (north) side of the Highway.

The moon over Echo Lake

The moon over Echo Lake



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