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In preparation for the fast approaching, fall hunting season, I have compiled some information to help you with your plans.  No forms needed for Archery.  Please remember that passports are absolutely necessary.  You will not be allowed across the border without one.

Hunting Licenses:

These are provided by us to you in the form of a wildlife export permit at the end of your hunt for all the animals you might have collected.

Elk Guiding:

Hunters will be with guides at all times.  Our guides are very experienced at scoring "in the field" and will try to get you to the top of your chosen category, however, if the trophy score is over the chosen category, the cost difference will be split between you and Echo Lake Hunts.


Our primary goal is to get your expensive, irreplaceable skins and horns to you in excellent condition. All capes will be skinned off, cooled, and then frozen.  


If you are driving up and are planning to haul back your trophies, bring along extra coolers for your frozen capes to keep them frozen. With proper export papers from us you will not encounter any problems at the border going home.


Excessive drinking will not be allowed for reasons including safety.


Expect moderate Fall weather and bring medium warmth gear. We normally do not encounter extreme winter weather in September. We are never far from a shelter and will not be staying out for any great length of time. We are not bothered by bugs. A huntable rain suit might be handy in case we are caught in a shower.

Additional Animals:

Elk is the primary objective on most hunts. We want each client to collect the Trophy Bull Elk of their choice and dreams. After the clients have their Elk they may desire to hunt for additional animals.

What You Can and Cannot Bring Into Canada

Most things you bring with you will be considered "personal baggage" by Canadian Customs officers.  These items include reasonable quantities of food, fishing tackle, cars, boats and motors, fuel, sports equipment, TV sets, musical instruments, computers and cameras.

Please note: All prices are subject to 5% GST
Prices in US funds.
All funds paid are transferable to the next season with 60 days notice of date of arrival.