2013 Elk Photos

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Mark Smith and John Hughes, Texas

Pat Cannon - Colorado

Pat Cannon - Colorado

John Hughes - Texas

Jon Goings - Virginia

Mark Smith - Texas

Mark Smith - Texas

Jason Baadsgaard - Texas

Robert Holland - Australia

Cliff Woerner - Texas

Mike Knight - Oregon

John Ulberg - Montana

John Taylor - Arkansas

Nick Ford - Oregon

Todd Pointon - Australia

Ken Pointon - Australia

Ray Ingalls - Idaho

Tom Honnold - Idaho

Gary Aurty - California

Brett Smith - California

Jim Nygard - Montana

Gordan Kolberg - Montana

Darren Kolberg - Montana

Guy Kolberg - Montana

Mike Johnson - Texas

Eric MacLarty - Texas

David Deanda - Texas

Alois Proell - Austria

Steve Thomas - Tennessee

Scott Haynes - Tennessee

Emilio Brunn - Mexico

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